IDES – Lda company was born on February 14, in the year of 2012.
However, the collaboration between the two managing partners of the
Company was already long and in the most diverse areas of engineering.
The many works designed and executed together, Led to Daniel Rito and
Lereno Margarido realizing that the Synergies created so far should be
enough for the implementation of a larger project. So IDES – Lda is
born. Our company is currently focused on several areas of Projects,
such as: Electrical, Intrusion, Video Surveillance, Domotics, ITED,
RCCTE, SCI (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Category), Plan of Emergency, HVAC,
RSECE Energy and QAI, Energy Certification and Energy Audits.


Our values are based on dynamism, commitment, loyalty and honesty, for
this reason we can say that our task is only completed when the
customer is satisfied with our performance.


We have as main mission the affirmation as a competitive company In
our work areas, presenting quality, rigor and excellence to our
partners and customers. For this purpose we have a specialized
technical team, composed of committed professionals who offer our
clients the best solutions.

Organization chart

About US

our team of experties

Eng.º Lereno Margarido

Electrical Engineer, Manager and Coordinator

Eng.º Daniel Rito

Electrical Engineer, Electrical Designer, ITED and Integrated Security

Eng.º Sérgio Alves

Electrical Engineer, Electrical Designer, ITED and Integrated Security

Eng.º Gabriel Santos

Civil Engineer, Fire safety designer in buildings, self-protection measures and specialties

Eng. ª Ana Isa

Civil Engineer, Thermal Designer and Energy Certification

ENG.º Filipe Henriques

Civil Engineer, Specialty Designer

ENG.ª Catarina Veiga

Civil Engineer and specialties

Eng.º Sérgio Góis

Engenheiro Civil, Projetista em térmico e Certificação Energética


Engenheiro Civil, Projetista de estruturas